GreenSpec PASS is UK’s leading Eco Label specified by architects to identify truly green building products from the ‘greenwash’

  • PASS evaluates and endorses building products, materials, equipment and systems featuring ‘green’ characteristics as well as promoting competent and environmentally sound construction.
  • PASS endorsement provides manufacturers and specifiers with an easy route to distinguish green from ‘greenwash’ products with more damaging environmental impacts.
  • PASS’ evaluation criteria and specialist peer review process ensures that only green products are endorsed.
  • PASS is devised and operated by practising architects and specifiers for the benefit of manufacturers and building designers. The review team also includes construction authors, CPD providers and materials scientists.
  • Developed by GreenSpec, the UK’s leading source of Green construction design guidance products that gain a PASS accreditation feature on the GreenSpec INDEX the website’s online product directory.
  • Easy to JOIN, a PASS label is a cost effective way to promote Green products to a wider audience. The GreenSpec website attracts over 50,000 visitors a month including architects, specifiers and contractors.


Even though the market is growing and awareness is at an all time high, there are still a number of issues preventing even greater growth in Green products.

  • Specifiers find it difficult to distinguish ‘Green’ from ‘middle-of-the-road’ building products, complicated further by false marketing claims (Greenwash) obscuring genuinely Green materials.
  • The lack of an adequate definition of Green products holds-back market growth.
  • Unfamiliarity with sustainable construction techniques slows adoption of Green products.
  • Lack of adequate third party labeling of Green products entails time-consuming research for potential specifiers.




In a world with thousands of products to choose from, it is essential to have a label architects / specifiers can understand and trust, which credibly demonstrates the product has genuine environmental credentials.


Benefits to the architect / specifier

  • PASS clearly demonstrates products’ environmental credibility to the market, differentiating them from those that are just ‘greenwashed’.
  • More stringent environmental regulations across governments has created a need for greener building materials, with demand for more energy efficient construction products increasing as a result. The PASS label is a trusted endorsement with increasing stakeholder demand for improved environmental performance.
  • PASS helps answer the specifier’s question ‘ What product on the market causes the least harm to the environment while providing the most benefit as a building component?’
  • Lack of adequate third party labeling of Green products entails time-consuming research for potential specifiers. With PASS, they can go to one central resource to look for suitable products, knowing that all the products meet minimum environmental standards.


Benefits to the manufacturer

  • Endorsing with PASS enables manufacturers to use the PASS label on their products and marketing materials differentiating them from greenwashed products thus enabling specifiers to easily identify green products.
  • PASS endorsed products are automatically listed on the GreenSpec website, the go-to trusted resource among architects, specifiers, builders etc. The product entry includes a description, product images, downloadable brochures and datasheets, CAD and BIM files, video and dedicated contact forms.
  • PASS boasts excellent green credentials since it is born out of GreenSpec which started as a BRE project over 10 years’ ago. PASS also has a robust process for endorsing green product.
  • PASS makes products stand out in a competitive market as a credible, quality, environmentally friendly choice.